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Mousavi's position within the freedom seeking movement.

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Thanks for organizing this forum. Whoever thought about it, did a great job and I convey my gratitude and appreciation to her/ him.

The topic I would like to discuss is to start a debate about Mousavi's position within the current Iranian uprising and the outlook of this movement with his "leadership".
Do people really believe that he would go right to the bitter end of toppling the regime and establishing a democratic system in Iran?

Those who respond positive, please make your case.
Those who respond negative, please make your case.

Happy debating!

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Thank you DarioshA for starting this interesting topic and welcome aboard.
I personally do not think that Mr. Mousavi is really after a fundamental change in the system and his comment about the slogan of "esteghlal, azadi, jomhuriye eslami" (not a word less or more, as Khomeini said around 30 years ago) made it more clear than before that he is not after seperating Islam from politics in Iran and that basically means rule of clergy in the name of Allah.

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Mousavi may be someone who seems interested in helping the movement of these people but let us not forget that no matter what, when he was in a position of power many many people were unjustly prosecuted. Everything else right now is irrelevant until the trial has taken place in order to ensure those families who lost their loved ones, get some sort of justice.

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